A Parcel for Mr. Smith

Written by Peter Mortimer, directed by Neil Armstrong and with a cast of one-Dylan Mortimer.

The production began with a performance at the Surf Café, Tynemouth on 11th May 2015 and ended at the Seaton Delaval Arts Centre on 16th May taking in the Low Lights in North Shields and the Yoga Station at Whitley Bay Station in between. Apart from Seaton Delaval, all the venues were sold out.

Dylan Mortimer gave a fine performance as the hapless Mr Smith, the recipient of a problematic parcel. The entire play rested on him remembering his numerous lines and delivering them with conviction. Even though the situation in which he was placed was illogical the audience were required to suspend disbelief. And they did. Sharing the stage with Dylan was a shop dummy who (in a non speaking part!) excelled by giving a finely tuned topple. It also glared convincingly. Was it seeking a lead role in the future?

There was a favourable review of A Parcel for Mr Smith by Peter Lathan in the British Theatre Guide in which he said that the play ‘puts quite a burden on the actor (apart from the obvious weight of having to hold the stage alone for 40+ minutes): he has to create this world for us, draw us in and make us accept for the time we are in his company that this is the real world. And in this, to his credit, Dylan Mortimer succeeds.’

‘Mr Smith walks the fine line between the world of the absurd and of the "normal", albeit a rather extreme example of normality. All three—both Mortimers and Armstrong—get the balance right.’

To read the entire review, click on the link below-

As the play was such a success, Peter Mortimer is currently exploring bringing it to a wider audience—possibly The Edinburgh Fringe Festival next year.

Watch this space.
Noreen Rees


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