A spirited mystery by Peter Mortimer and the Sixties Group

As the play opens, the government is announcing its new Big Idea to get people more involved in their own community's culture. But when five randomly chosen individuals are picked to select a new play for local production, matters take an unexpected turn.

It is obvious that the five share some dark secret from years ago. But what is that secret? And what is its relationship to the mysterious play that arrives out of the blue? And why do all five, with no previous acting experience, feel compelled to audition?

Slowly, the past reveals its painful secrets, as fate moves the five towards some long-avoided resolution.

This new comedy mystery is from The Sixties Group, the community wing of Cloud Nine Theatre Productions. In the last five years, the Sixties Group has brought six brand new plays to the stage in North Tyneside.

The group is unique in the borough, and is open to anyone aged 60 or over. Members work over a three month period with a professional playwright to create an original theatre piece, which they then perform under the guidance of a professional director. The writer for this play is the company's artistic director, Peter Mortimer, and the play is directed by Anne Orwin.

Playtime ran at The Saville Exchange, North Shields, October 27th - 30th 2010.

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